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Cubic-Ruiyi Gasboard-9805 is a Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS) which is used to measure emissions from combustion engines in real driving. It utilizes three different PEMS modules, including PEMS-GAS for measuring the concentrations of gas emissions (CO, CO2, THC, NO, NO2), PEMS-PN for measuring particulate matter, and PEMS-EFM for measuring exhaust flow rate. As part of the basic measurements, Gasboard-9805 can also collect location data byaGPS (Global Positioning System) module. In order to record actual driving environment conditions and calculate vehicle performance, it can measure a range of environmental conditions such as atmospheric temperature, humidity and pressure. With accurate time alignment function, Gasboard-9805 can synchronize all measurement data in time under the actual driving conditions.It meets the requirements primely in RDE (real-driving emission) test and provides the total mass emissions report. Additionally, the user-friendly PC software offers fast & accurate testing data and provides easy-to-install & easy-to-use experience for users. Integrated with advanced gas analyzers, exhaust mass flow meters, weather station, Global Positioning System (GPS) and connection to the vehicle networks, Gasboard-9805 offers an advanced solution for on-board measurement that complies with the emissions testing requirements of the EU and US. It is ideally suited for on-road and off-road applications ranging from large heavy duty engines to small light-duty vehicles and off-road mobile machinery.

Segment: Automobile Exhaust Gas Analyzer
Division: Engine Emission measurement system
  • Self-developed gas analysis technologies including Infrared NDIR, UV-DOAS and so on.
  • Modular design, flexible to use.
  • Excellent performance meets high measurement standards.
  • Easy operation, supports testing process guidance, data storage and report generation functions.
  • More than 4 hours endurance of the built-in battery, no external battery needed supports complete real driving emission pollutant test.
  • Great environmental adaptability, not affect by vehicle vibration, heavy pressure, ambient temperature and humidity change.

Gases Measurement

C0:0~5%; C02:0~20%; N0:0~3000ppm; N02:0~1000ppm; THC:0~9999ppm

CO, C02: 0.01%
NO, N02, THC: 1ppm

<±2% of reading or ±0.3% F.S., whichever is greater
Sensor response time T10-90
System response time T0-90
Zero drift (4 hours)

CO:≤±50ppm; CO2≤±0.10%; NO, N02≤5ppm; THC≤2%F.S.

Span drift (4 hours)

CO: ≤2% of reading or ≤±50ppm, whichever is greater;

CO2: ≤2% of reading or ±0.1%, whichever is greater;

NO, NO2: ≤2% reading or ≤5ppm, whichever is greater


Working environment temperature
(5~40) ℃
Power supply
24V, maximum power consumption 240W
RS485,WIFI,RJ-45 Ethernet

PN Measurement

Range 600~1.3*10^9#/cm3
Particle size range 23nm~2500nm
Rise time T10-90 ≤3s

Discharge Flow Meter

Range 10~600kg/h; 100~2000kg/h;200~4000kg/h
Discharge temperature -5~500℃
Accuracy <(±2% reading)or(±0.5%F.S.)
or (±1.0% of the maximum flow rate of the calibrated EFM) whichever is greater
Precision <1%F.S.
Linearity |Xmin*a1-1+a0|≤3%max, slope a1:0.97~1.03,
standard deviation SEE≤2%max,
determination coefficient r2≥0.990
Rise time T10-90 <1s
Response time <3s

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