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Automobile Emission Gas Analyzer

Gasboard-5020 emission gas analyzer is designed for measuring the emissions of all gasoline, LPG or CNG vehicles, it is developed based on dual beam non-dispersion infrared (NDIR) principle to measure CO, CO2, HC, and electrochemical sensors to measure O2 and NO. The test reports can be printed on the built-in printer. Gasboard-5020 is equivalent with OIML R99 class 0 standard, very suitable for cars, motorcycles, and other light duty, heavy duty vehicles exhaust inspection and then optimize it.


- CO, CO2, HC, O2, NO gases measurements

- LCD Screen

- Built-in printer

- Magnetic and battery type RPM sensors

Segment: Automobile Exhaust Gas Analyzer
Division: Exhaust Gas Analyzer
  • NDIR gas bench with regulated temperature system, high accuracy, better stability.

  • Equivalent with OIML R99 class 0 standard.
  • Cleanable NDIR gas chamber for easy maintenance.
  • Built-in printer can print out real time measurement data.
  • The engine tachometer can be connected with Gasboard-5020 by RS-232 communication.
  • Mass production ensures fast delivery.
  • Automotive Inspection station: control of regulatory pollution thresholds: gasoline, LPG, CNG
  • Car repair shop and garage: control of combustion quality compliance with regulatory thresholds
  • Manufacturer & Industrials: checking compliance with gas emission concentration
  • University & lab researches
Measurements CO2, CO, HC, optional O2, NOx gases.
Technology NDIR Zirconia
Measuring  range CO2 CO HC O2 NOx
0-20% 0-10%
(*0-15% optional)
(*0-20000ppm  optional)
0-25% 0-5000ppm
Resolution 0.01% 0.01% 1ppm 0.01% 1ppm
Error rel. ±4% ±3% ±5% ±3% ±4%
(which ever is greater) Abs. ±0.4% ±0.03% ±10ppm ±0.1% ±25ppm
Warm-up time 10 minutes
Response time (T90) 10 seconds (NDIR) , 30 seconds (Zirconia)
Display LCD display
Power supply 110V-220V±10%   50Hz ±1Hz
Operation Temperature 0~50℃
Dimension 260×180×360mm
Flow rate 0.7-1.2L/min
Weight 6kg
Standard accessories Sampling pipe and probe, standby filters, RS-232 cable, power cable
Options Built-in printer, RPM sensor, Oil temperature sensor

For more details, please feel free to contact our sales: info@gasanalyzer.com.cn.
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